DLC Roadmap

A guide to what's coming with Friday the 13th: The Game

IV Teaser

New Map, New Jason and Rain FX

Shack Notes Update - Sept 7th

Dev Diary #1

Counselor Clothing Update

We're rethinking and redoing clothing for all your favorite counselors

Theories Abound

F13 community seeks to solve mysterious image.

New Fast Paced Maps

Revisit Higgins, Packanack and Crystal Lake.

Free Emote DLC!

Wave at Jason...Just before he kills you.

New Playable Map

Based on location from the films.

New Playable Jason

With unique kills.

New Counselors

Two new victims.

Spring Break 1984 Clothing Pack

Bikinis, Trunks, and Gore!

New Clothing Pack

Ooo, what could it be?

Gruesome New Kills

Brutal AF!

Retro Jason Skin DLC

Classically trained.

Free Clothing Pack 1