Friday the 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Editions

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Skull Objectives

Unlock 30 new emotes

Update Status

First Look: Engine Update

XP, CP, & Tape Event

Happy Friday the 13th Campers

Introducing Victoria

New Counselor

Offline Bot AI Improvements

More realistic AI

Welcome to the Salt Mines

Earning salt is easy

Part 7 Jason Adjustments

J7 power up

Jason Selection Update

Improved the selection process

Roy's Coveralls

Spruce green edition

Perks Update

System Update & Legendaries

Grab Animation Update

Jason gets scarier

Jason Weapon Swapping & Keybinding

Machetes for all!

First Look: Single Player Challenges

The Majestic Buggz-i-corn

Dedicated Servers Update

Updating The Engine

Paranoia Update

Current Status and Path Ahead

Counselor Safety Briefing

Pocket knives, Med Sprays, and More

Jason Part 5 (Roy)

Official Stats

Upcoming Jason Balance Changes

Jason gets an upgrade