Halloween Double XP Weekend

Trick or Treat to some Double XP

Jason Part IV Premium Kill Pack

Three All New, Gruesome Kills


Takes a Swing at Jason!

Costume Party!

Halloween Costumes at Camp Crystal Lake!

Shack Notes

Part IV Update List of Known Issues and Current Plan

Part 4 Jason and Jarvis House Map

Added Weather Effects and more coming this Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th Double XP Weekend

Celebrate the holiday with Double XP every game!

Mitch Floyd Comes to Camp Crystal Lake!

The newest counselor to join the roster

Emote Party Pack 1

New Premium Emote Pack Arrives!

Gun Media Partners with Stack Up

Charity Event to raise funds for the troops!

Shack Notes Update - Sept 22


Offline Bots

Virtual Cabin 2.0

DLC Roadmap

A guide to what's coming with Friday the 13th: The Game

IV Teaser

New Map, New Jason and Rain FX

Shack Notes Update - Sept 7th

Dev Diary #1

Counselor Clothing Update

We're rethinking and redoing clothing for all your favorite counselors

Theories Abound

F13 community seeks to solve mysterious image.