Virtual Cabin 2.0!

We’d like to announce something pretty cool is coming in our next update, which is included in the latest patch on all platforms, for free!


The new Virtual Cabin is an expansion and complete overhaul of the original that we launched prior to release of the full game on PC. For those unfamiliar; the Virtual Cabin is a combination museum to Friday the 13th, and an interactive dev diary to the game! 2.0 is far larger in scope, not only with information and accessibility, but it includes far more than meets the eye if you start to explore.

VC2E.jpg VC2K.jpg

Why explore? Welllll……we’ve added a ton of stuff hidden below the surface. The secrets in the updated Virtual Cabin are completely new. The more you explore, the more you’ll discover, and the more everything becomes clear to you. This Virtual Cabin 2.0 is not what it seems, and it will take everything you have to unlock its secrets. Our team is really looking forward to seeing just how long it takes everyone to play through the full experience of Virtual Cabin 2.0.

VC2I.jpg VC2M.jpg

That said; Virtual Cabin 2.0 is a complete re-imaging of our first iteration, and it has been completely upgraded to be more challenging and far more expansive. We encourage you to keep plugging away, because nothing is what it seems, and there is so much to discover. All it takes is finding the key.