Welcome to the Salt Mines

We all know how excruciating it is to play a match, snatch up a counselor, and – BAM! – “the host has left” pops up on the screen. It’s annoying. It’s INFURIATING. It’s an issue that players have been experiencing, and telling us about, for a while now.

But what do we do about salty players who can’t take the fact that they are losing? We give them Salt, with a Capital S.


Salt is a currency, only instead of being able to buy something cool with it, you buy an express ticket to the Salt Mines. More on that in a minute.

Earning Salt is EASY! Just do any of the following: Leave a match early, like a jerk Leave a match while being killed, like a big jerk Leave a match as Jason, like a super jerk Leave a match while hosting, like a mega jerk

“WTF are the Salt Mines?!”

Great question, it’s almost like you’re reading my mind and asking exactly what I need you to, so I can explain the system.

The Salt Mines are where Salty players go to play with their equally Sodium-soaked peers. They are kept to their own matchmaking queue where Salty souls only play against other Salty game quitters, locked away from players who know that, sometimes, losing is a part of playing

In Quick Play, Salty players will play together, but they can play with anyone in Private Matches.

“How much Salt do you get for each of the things listed above? Does Salt go away? How fast?”

We aren’t saying, that would be like a “how to” for trolls Yes See 1

“When does this happen?”

We’ll be rolling out this change with the engine upgrade update.


Happy Matchmaking.