Patch Notes

  • Fixed cause of some random mid-game freeze crashes.
  • Fixed a memory leak for dedicated servers.
  • Forbidding Hunter (Tommy Jarvis) counselor selections.
  • Fixed an exploit with crouching back into objects.
  • Fixed some achievements not unlocking when playing on dedicated servers.

This should end the Packanack Lodge roof glitch, various map escapes that have been found and you should see far less crashing now that we’ve localized the major memory leak issues. These updates will be happening for consoles relatively soon, but this should help with those that are getting connection issues.

REMINDER FOR CONSOLE USERS; we can’t update as frequently on consoles as we can with the Steam platform. When we push a build for consoles, we need it to be far more inclusive. This hotfix is ensuring we are on the correct path and so far feedback has been more positive with achievements working and lack of people on top of buildings. We’re taking this feedback in so that when we are ready for consoles, there’s far more confidence than our earlier firefighting patches.

Let us know how things go and we can’t wait to update our console players.