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Welcome to the new F13 website. We will be updating this site regularly with news, content updates, screenshots and more. We will also be adding new sections, including one that focuses on discussions we’re having internally, here at the studio. These discussions will focus on new features or ideas that we’re kicking around for the game. Think of this a sort of “behind the scenes” at Gun/Illfonic.

We hope you enjoy the new site and please visit our forums to start new topics on content that you find here on the site. We frequent our forums and look forward to chatting with you. Thanks!

-Team F13

Current News

disecting a kill.JPG 8/3/17 - We’re back at House of Moves in L.A. with Kane Hodder for another motion capture shoot. We’re capturing kills for singleplayer, but we are adding new ones to multiplayer as well. Hang around our social channels to see a video posted later today of some of the behind the scenes during the motion capture shoot.